Create the ultimate sleepover for your Little Dreamers by personalising your party 

From personalised water bottles and party bags to personalised pyjamas and dressing gowns, we have a large range of gifts that we can personalise for you to help make your Little Dreamer and their friends feel extra special.

We can also personalise teddies, jumpers and t-shirts on request so please just ask! Please note, in some instances we will require at least 10 days notice to personalise the gifts. All gifts are subject to availability.

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Personalised drinking bottle  £4

These beautiful personalised drinking bottles come with straws.

water bottle.jpg

Personalised water bottle


These personalised waster bottles are made of plastic and come in a variety of colours.

pamper bands.jpg

Personalised spa headband


These spa headbands are perfect for a pamper party. They are made of soft toweling.  


Personalised Pyjamas


Every sleepover needs these personalised pyjamas! Choose from - white, light pink, fuchsia pink, blue, cargo, red or black.


Personalised dressing gown


Cosy up in these snuggly personalised dressing gowns for an amazing sleepover.


Personalised party bag


Personalise these party bags for your friends and fill them with their favourite goodies.


Personalised ceramic mug


Treat your Little Dreamers to their very own personalised mug. 


Personalised eye mask


Get a good night's sleep with your very own personalised sleepover eye wear.